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BioQuest Innovations Inc.
MaRS Centre
Heritage Building
101 College St. Suite 335
Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1L7

Phone: 416.673.8199

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Our Quest is to find, fund and accelerate the development of brilliant new medical discoveries from around the world that hold compelling promise to improve the human condition. We invest in great science, putting our money where our minds, hearts, expertise and efforts are. The result is a strong track record of realizing exceptional returns for all of our stakeholders.

BioQuest creates value for inventors and investors by rapidly converting research and innovation into viable product candidates. Our virtual business model enables our partners to focus resources on fundamental value-creating activities. This model centers around two themes: sourcing technologies that will form the basis of promising new companies, and providing expertise, management support and operational support to early-stage biopharmaceutical companies that we create with our investment partners around these technologies.

Our Focus

  • To identify, invest in and advance the best new medical innovations
  • To improve success by providing expertise, support services and access to an exceptional network of partners and resources
  • To provide rapid access to financing from private and public sources
  • To successfully accelerate development time lines
  • To build value rather than building companies
  • To provide products for unmet medical needs to fill biopharma and biotech company pipelines